About Us

Aduro Diamonds Pty Ltd is an Australian diamond explorer controlling over 85,000 hectares of mining and exploration leases in New South Wales representing the Copeton, Bingara, Narrabri & Delungra Diamond Projects.

Aduro is targeting near term deep lead diamond production from Copeton while simultaneously conducting an exploration program to identify the source or sources of the deep lead diamonds in the project area.

The unique internal structure of Copeton diamonds makes them the hardest in the world & amongst the most brilliant when cut.

Project Highlights

Copeton Diamonds

  • High grade, deep lead diamond project
  • Proven source of gem quality diamonds
  • Colored diamonds confirmed in historic reports/literature (white/colourless, fancy yellow, red, pink, green, blue, brown & black (carbonado))
  • Copeton Diamonds are known as the hardest in the world and reputedly the most brilliant when cut. Potential for near term, low cost open cut production
  • Clear path to expansion via additional drill defined near surface mineralisation
  • Substantial additional Tin and Gold revenues identified
  • Mining and Exploration leases comprising 85,000 hectares, 100% owned
  • Low-risk Jurisdiction