Copeton and Bingara Diamond Projects

The Copeton, Bingara, Narrabri & Delungra Diamond projects cover 85,000 Ha in New South Wales, Australia, including six mining leases and eight exploration licenses.
Both projects have the potential for low-cost, low-risk and near-term production of colored diamonds.


  • High grade, deep lead diamond projects
  • Proven source of gem quality diamonds
  • Coloured diamonds confirmed in historic reports/literature (white/colourless, fancy yellow, red, pink, green, blue, brown & black (carbonado))
  • Copeton Diamonds are known as the hardest in the world and reputedly the most brilliant when cut. Potential for near term, low cost open cut production
  • Clear path to expansion via additional drill defined near surface mineralisation
  • Substantial additional Tin and Gold revenues identified
  • Mining and Exploration leases comprising 85,000 hectares, 100% owned
  • Low-risk Jurisdiction

The unique internal structure of Copeton diamonds makes them the hardest in the world & amongst the most brilliant when cut. These diamonds are typically colored and include: Cape, Fancy Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Red.

Geological Setting

The Copeton project consists of alluvial diamond deposits contained in clay and gravel layers. The project hosts alluvial diamond / tin deposits contained in sub-basaltic alluvial clay, gravel and boulder horizons developed in a major ‘deep-lead’ palaeo-channel incised into a granitic basement.