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Newspaper Reports of Production from Copeton Diamond Fields 1886 to 1927 (Converted from yards to metres where applicable).
lcm = Loose Cubic Metres. bcm = Bank Cubic Metres

21st August 1886 – Intercolonial News. Australian Town & Country
73.1 carats/bcm of diamond (Round Mount)

24th September 1896 – Boggy Camp Diamond Mines, Tingha, Wednesday. Sydney Morning Herald
Averaging 13.07 carats/lcm (Star of the South). 261.4 carats/lcm of diamond (Star of the South). Approximately 245.8 carats/lcm of diamond (Banca). Averaging 18.73 carats/lcm of diamond and 16.6 kg/lcm of tin (Soldiers Hill)

3rd of October 1896 – Intercolonial Mining News, NSW. Town and Country
245.75 carats/lcm (Kirk’s Hill)
52.29 to 261 carats/lcm of diamond (Star of the South)

18th of February 1897 – Mining: Boggy Camp Diamond Field, a Description of the Mines. Evening News
Averaging 58.82 carats/lcm of diamond (Star of the South). 65.36 carats/lcm of diamond (Round Mount). 58.25 carats/lcm of diamond (Streak of Luck)

17th of August 1901 – Diamond Mining at Copeton. Town & Country

14th of April 1910 – Gold and Precious Stones, Production in NSW, Diamonds and Emeralds. Evening News
Averaging 12.8/lcm of diamond and 2.96 kg/lcm of tin (Deep Shaft)

10th of March 1911 – Have We a Kimberley? Rich Discovery of Diamonds Under the Basalt at Copeton, 1000 Carats Won in 10 Days. Sydney Morning Herald
326.8 carats/lcm of diamond (Copeton). Averaging 25.9 carats/lcm of diamond (Copeton)

25th July 1911 – Copeton Diamonds, Some Rich Developments, 65 Carats to Half a Load, Inverell, Monday. Tamworth Daily Observer
169.9 carats/lcm of diamond (Deep Shaft Mine). 191.1 carats/lcm of diamond – Including black diamonds weighing between 2.5 to 4.5 carats (Deep Shaft Mine)

9th of August 1911 – Copeton Diamonds, Rich Finds, 250 Carats in a Few Days. Sydney Morning Herald
63.16 carats/lcm of diamond (Deep Shaft Mine)

21st September 1911 – Copper and Diamonds, Howell, Wednesday. Sydney Morning Herald
76.5 to 169.9 carats/lcm of diamond (Deep Shaft)

9th of December 1911 – Copeton Diamonds, Mode of Occurrence (By A. B. Pike). Sydney Morning Herald
10.46 to 13.07 carats/lcm of diamond and 8.90 kg/lcm of cassiterite (Streak of Luck). 65.34 carats/lcm of diamond (Deep Shaft Mine). 2.61 to 65.34 carats/lcm of diamond, averaging 5.23 carats/lcm of diamond and 1.78 kg/lcm of cassiterite (Round Mount). 240.5 carats/lcm of diamond (Star of the South)

23rd November 1912 – Diamond Mining, The Copeton Deposits. Sydney Morning Herald
6.53 to 65.34 carats/lcm of diamond and 1.78 – 33.2 kg/lcm of cassiterite (Round Mount Mine)

4th of January 1927 – Mining State Diamonds Fields (By A.R. Pike, Copeton Diamond Field). Sydney Morning Herald
330.06 carats/lcm of diamond and 33.2 kg/lcm of cassiterite (Kirk’s Hill Mine)
23.74 to 29.7 kg/lcm of cassiterite (Old Farm Mine)
143.9 carats/lcm of diamond (Round Mount Mine)